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Fri Apr 12 02:40:17 EST 2002

Ken Applebaum wrote:
> I know that this list is usually reserved for discussions of bringing up
> kernels, but I have a question on kernel size.
> What is the smallest size of kernel (including tcp/ip) that people have been
> able to build? Do the folks on this list see the large size as an issue to
> further adoption of linux on the PowerQuicc processors?
> Ken

	It all depends on what size you are refering to. Is it the size
of the compressed zImage, the compressed bzImage , the uncompressed
image, or the runtime RAM usage?

	Our zImage is just about 400,000 bytes. Our uncompressed image
is about 1 MB. The others sizes I haven't looked at. Our kernel could
be smaller if we left out fpu emulation and other modules.

	I see this as an issue that is becoming less and less
important as RAM and flash storage technology increase in size and
drop in price.

See what Wolfgang accomplished here.
Its about mid page under the heading "PowerPC based Web Server" .

Hope this is helpful


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