8260 - Spurious interrupt when calling __sti()

Ricardo Scop scop at vanet.com.br
Thu Apr 11 02:59:33 EST 2002


Wednesday, April 10, 2002, 1:31:05 PM, you wrote:


JDB> What is even more strange, I can put the 'sync' everywhere in the '__sti'
JDB> function, that is before the 'mfmsr', before the 'ori', or before the
JDB> 'mtmsr',
JDB> and the problem of spurious interrupt simply disappear. Remove it, it
JDB> reappears.


JDB> Hard to explain...

Even harder to explain is why you're having to put those syncs in
__sti, since both my copies of 2.4.16 and 2.4.18-pre9 kernel sources
already have them in the code... and with the comment
"/* Some chip revs have problems here... */" !!!

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