8260 - Spurious interrupt when calling __sti()

Jean-Denis Boyer jdboyer at mediatrix.com
Wed Apr 10 00:53:45 EST 2002

I have a custom board that uses an 8260 (rev. A.1 1K22A).
We've had for a long time a problem of spurious interrupt.
On kernel 2.4.10, at boot up, the following message was written to the

  Unhandled interrupt 0, disabled

This message did not appear on kernel 2.4.18 (I don't know why),
but in /proc/interrupts, the number at the right of BAD was increasing

When flooding the board through the network, thus generating a lot of
the number of BAD increased faster (but not as fast as the fenet).

[root at /]# cat /proc/interrupts
  4:        290   8260 SIU   Edge      uart
 33:     192388   8260 SIU   Edge      fenet
BAD:        738

Putting traces in the interrupt handler, it appeared that the interrupt
happened in '__sti()' (arch/ppc/kernel/misc.S), just after calling 'mtmsr'
to turn on the 'EE' bit.

I added a 'sync', between 'ori r3,r3,MSR_EE' and 'mtmsr r3',
and it has fixed the problem.

My questions are:
 - Did anybody encountered the same problem on that core?
 - Did anybody seen something about that in the user's manual and/or the
 - Is my fix correct, and should it be brought to other calls to 'mtmsr' ?

 Jean-Denis Boyer, B.Eng., System Architect
 Mediatrix Telecom Inc.
 4229 Garlock Street
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