QMC SCC2 time slot data input to data buffer.

Steven Vacca svacca at valcom.com
Thu Apr 4 06:43:58 EST 2002

I have an MPC860T setup, using QMC mode.

In my kernel driver, in the immap_t struct, I set the QMC Multi-channel
base ptr = the address of the Buffer Desc pool.  I also set the interrupt
queue ptr = the addr of the circular interrupt queue.

When a QMC channel is activated, for Rx, then TDM data should get
written to a buffer, thru the associated TDM time slot.

My question is,

is it OK to allocate the Rx Buff Descriptor Pool in the Kernel driver,
and then set the immap_t reg using that kernel space addr,
or do I need to do any kind of re-mapping in order
for the external CPM hardware section to access kernel space memory?

Once the data is written into the buffer, SCC2 should interrupt, for
data buff processing.



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