Status of 440GP port

Frank Rowand frank_rowand at
Wed Apr 3 09:29:46 EST 2002

andrew may wrote:

< taken totally out of context >

> I would expect a development tree to contain non-working and non-tested
> stuff. It becomes very help full to see things that get tried but don't
> work in the history of a file. It makes a lot more sense to use the version
> history to document quirks in hardware than to start putting comments in the
> source on what does and doesn't work.

The version history does not seem to me a useful place to document quirks in
hardware.  The history is usually full of so much trivia that it is hard to
search.  The history also usually doesn't include much in the way of useful
information.  It seems to me that either the source, or the Documentation
directory is a good place to document quirks in hardware.

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