forcing pci device start address ?

Matt Porter mporter at
Tue Apr 2 06:35:35 EST 2002

On Mon, Apr 01, 2002 at 09:21:08PM +0100, Neil Wilson wrote:
> >Ok, I see the horrible mess they put you in.  Those !@$!# hardware
> >guys. :-/
> >Here's the basic layout:  you can use pci_auto like the other 7xx/74xx
> >embedded ports and constrain the I/O and Mem range so as to not conflict
> >with the PCI-wannabe devices your hardware guys spit out.  You are
> >writing custom drivers so you just depart from the Linux standard of
> >ioremaping or in*/out*ing resources and use your hardcoded addresses.
> >You could complicate things by manually adding the devices to the
> >PCI global list and creating resources but there is no value in that
> >for a custom design like could boast about it to your
> >fellow engineers if you like though. :)
> Thanks for your help, I will start looking at this when I get in tomorrow.
> Do you happen to know of a driver example in one of the kernel trees or
> elsewhere that implements this hardcoded address business that I can learn
> from ?

All you need to do is
rather than ioremapping the PCI resource like a normal 2.3/2.4 PCI

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