Monta Vistas HHL 2.0 ppc-8xx_gcc(2.95.3) buggy?

Joakim Tjernlund Joakim.Tjernlund at
Fri Nov 30 08:29:10 EST 2001

Hi there

I am trying to compile the latest(2.4.16) ppclinux_2_4 kernel
for our custom MPC860 board and it wont boot(I get a signal 11 Oops).

If I reduce gcc flag -O2 to -O1 I get as far as the first
call to printk() in emit_log_char() where it Oops(signal 11).
If I replace the printk.c file with the one found in MV HLL 2.0 kernel,
It will boot just fine.  Then I change -O1 back to -O2 and I get an Oops
again. This time halfway through the booting process.

I can run the MV 2.4.2 kernel without problems.

I am on  RH 7.1 with almost all updates applied. Also tried to
compile it on  RH 7.0 but got the same result(signal 11).

This looks to me like a compiler problem, has anyone else
had similar problems ?

Where can I find a "good" cross compiler for ppc 8xx which
will run on RH 7.1?


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