DINK - the downloader !

Prasad, Siva Siva.Prasad at smartm.com
Tue Nov 27 03:04:47 EST 2001

Hi Sarnath,

If you had downloaded Journeyman from MontaVista, you might have probably
got a .pdf file also.

That pdf file contains a chapter on configuring your host. There is a tftp
configuring part. You might want to use it. I used that initially to get my
system working for tftp.

Good Luck.

Siva Prasad

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Hi everybody,
 I am really impatient with the way DINK downloads
the kernel over the serial line..
 i just want to get rid of it..

Is it possible to download a "Ethernet boot"
utility thru which I can download the kernel
via ethernet card. Any such utilities for the
sandpoint platform are available.. ?
 Whats "tftp" and How do I set it up ?
(no RTFMs please...)

Any suggestion r pointer is most welcome,
Thank you


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