linuxppc_2_4_devel vs MontaVista STB3xxxx kernel

Phillip Lougher phillip at
Thu Nov 22 11:59:12 EST 2001


I have been working on the MontaVista 2_4_2 STB3xxx kernel (the 'official'
kernel for the board).  I have, however, recently downloaded the
2_4_devel kernel.  This appears to now have quite mature support for the
STB3xxx (aka Redwood-4) and the Oak board (403GCX).  I downloaded the
2_4_devel kernel a few months ago, and it then certainly didn't work on
the STB3xxx.

I am now left wondering whether it may be better to move over to
the 2_4_devel kernel for the STB3xxxx and for further kernel
work I need to do for different 4xx chips.  I have specifically the
following questions:

1.  Does the 2_4_devel kernel work on the STB3xxx?
2.  Does the 2_4_devel kernel work on the 403GCX (Oak)?

Obviously, you may wonder, why don't I simply compile it and test.
However, I need to alter the 2_4_devel kernel to run on our
STB3xxxx boards (specifically the bootloader, as the treeboot loader
cannot be used).  Being very pushed for time (I need to get a new kernel
working in < 3 weeks),  I cannot afford to alter the 2_4_devel kernel in
the hope it will work.

The 2_4_2 MontaVista kernel has the advantage that I'm very familiar
with the low-level 4xx stuff, the 2_4_devel is an unknown.  However,
the 2_4_devel kernel certainly seems more mature in respect to the
cleaner integration of 405/403 implementation differences.

Thanks for any advice.


Phillip Lougher
Zarlink Semiconductor,
Portskewitt, Wales.

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