eth1 FEC on RPX-CLLF info

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Thu Nov 22 04:59:57 EST 2001

Dear Sebastien,

in message <3BFBE9F2.2090800 at> you wrote:
> >What happens when you enable the MDIO option?
> It says:
> ...
> fec: No PHY device found.

Well, this seems to be a hint...

> Yes, the LXT971 code is enabled in fec.c.
> I find out that the older CLLF_BW board was using a QS6612 PHY, but the
> CLLF_BW31 (my board revision) is using an LXT971.

Check if your hardware requires to enable and/or reset the PHY  using
some port pins or bits in a board control register...

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