Organisation of 4xx initialization code

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Sat Nov 17 22:16:39 EST 2001

Tom Rini writes:

> > No need - the board's platform_init() can call the processor general
> > functions if necessary.
> But why not do this once instead of many times?  Right now, each of the
> 405GP 'board' file would look awful similar.  I think what Dan said

As a philosophical thing, I think it is better to give control to the
platform-specific code early and let it call back to generic stuff.
This is very much the Linux philosophy - it's basically what Linus did
with the USB code for instance (the old code worked its way down
through several layers to the HCI driver, Linus' new code called
straight into the HCI driver which then called a library of support

I think that each platform (ep405, walnut, etc.) should have its own
platform_init(), and if all that does is ppc405_init(), that's fine.
The fact that we have board_init() at present suggests that some
platforms will do more than just ppc405_init.  And having a
platform_init() for each platform is consistent with our approach on
other platforms as well.  Then ppc4xx_setup.c becomes a library of
pieces of code that can be called or not as appropriate.


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