a general bootloader question

Jim Thompson jim at SmallWorks.COM
Thu Nov 15 21:18:32 EST 2001

> if anyone can help with the following question, i'd be really grateful:
> 1) what is the proper way to get the kernel to boot - do i need a
> bootloader, if so, what ?

ppcboot or gbios are two good starting points for a bootloader.

ppcboot: http://ppcboot.sourceforge.net/
gbios: http://www.humboldt.co.uk/gbios.html

there is also dink32 from motorola.

> 2) what is the bootloader's functionality - except downloading the kernel ?
> does it modify
>     memory in any way ? is the kernel dependent on such modifications ?

typically it turns on the memory system, sets up an environment for
the kernel, moves the kernel into ram (over serial, ethernet or out of
flash/rom) and then transfers control to the kernel (or the routine
that decompresses the kernel)

> 3) how can i make a bootloader load the kernel in low memory without
> changing KERNELBASE etc ?

See #1.

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