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>   I need to put and IDE disk through the PCMCIA port in an MPC823FADS. I use the ppcboot 1.0.0
> I read the mailing list and i have a doubt: What is the diference between the IDE_PCCARD and the IDE_PCMCIA? What do i need to use?

If you have a real PCCard slot on your board you must use IDE_PCCARD;
I have to admit that "IDE_PCMCIA" is a poor name. It  might  be  more
clear  from  the  "Documentation//" file in the current
Linux kernel:

Type of MPC8xx IDE interface
  Select how the IDE devices are connected to the MPC8xx system:

  8xx_PCCARD uses the 8xx internal PCMCIA interface in combination
             with a PC Card (e.g. ARGOSY portable Hard Disk Adapter),
             ATA PC Card HDDs or ATA PC Flash Cards (example: TQM8xxL

  8xx_DIRECT is used for directly connected IDE devices using the 8xx
             internal PCMCIA interface (example: IVMS8 systems)

  EXT_DIRECT is used for IDE devices directly connected to the 8xx
             bus using some glue logic, but _not_ the 8xx internal
             PCMCIA interface (example: IDIF860 systems)

Here we renamed the poor "IDE_PCMCIA" into CONFIG_IDE_8xx_DIRECT.

>   This is the PCMCIA stuff configuration of an config_TQM823L.h (¿is it the same i need to include on my config_FADS823.h?)

It's probably the same, depending on your address map.

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