IDE in Mode 1 (Sandpoint) how ?

Sarnath Kannan sparc64 at
Wed Nov 14 14:00:45 EST 2001

> I forgot, is this an X2 or X3 (or X3b) version of the
> Sandpoint?
  Dan, This is an X2 board. I am able to
telnet to the machine and work cooly..But
serial is dead slow and the reason is as u said,
ISA interrupts.. They are not coming in.. Its
very clear. After a small investigation, I found
out that the serial chip times out on the
interrupt and "rs_timer" prints output in polled
mode. By changing the "Timeout value", I was
able to get faster output on the serial line.
  But the problem of ISA interrupts not being
routed is still there. This is very irritating.

Dan, I further noticed that "i8259_init" disables
all 8259 interrupts during initialization.
I thot this could be a reason and enabled all
8259 interrupts in a seperate loop. Even that
dint pay much except for a gush of ISA interrupts
immediately after enabling.

But what I am wondering is "How ISA interrupts
tick" for mvista kernel, when all 8259 interrupts
are disabled !! Am i missing sthg ?


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