IDE in Mode 1 (Sandpoint) how ?

Dan Malek dan at
Wed Nov 14 03:18:18 EST 2001

Sarnath Kannan wrote:

>   This means that all ISA interrupts are not
>   being routed properly. One more, I haven't
>   initialized the WinBond, coz reset values seem
>   meaninful. Could that be the reason for
>   this ?

Between the boot rom and Linux, the Winbond part is initialized
properly.  If you haven't removed any code, it should be fine.

> Is there any other switch, other than the S3,S4,S5,S6
> I need to worry about.

I forgot, is this an X2 or X3 (or X3b) version of the Sandpoint?

	-- Dan

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