Linuxppc and MPC8255 routing performance

Ricardo Scop scop at
Tue Nov 13 23:38:47 EST 2001

On Tuesday 13 November 2001 20:02, Dan Malek wrote:

> Ricardo Scop wrote:
> > Nevertheless, I'm aware that using local bus memory for I/O data flowing
> > between CPM and CPU may improve performance in some Linux applications,
> > so I would like to experiment with this.
> You don't need this as a solution to your performance troubles.  I have
> been experimenting with using this space for socket buffers, but unless
> you have something else on the bus consuming the cycles, I haven't seen
> any benefit.  It could be very useful for custom network applications,

Gee, sorry... I meant _network_ applications, indeed. And, thank you for your

As for our performance troubles, there have been some improvements; we were
making some mistakes regarding both FCC and PHY programming. After fixing
those, we're able to achieve more than 50 Mbits/s in a _real_ FTP transfer,
which is more than enough for our router application.  We are still
conducting more performance tests with netperf, and will publish the resuts
when available.



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