Port for VG4 from SBS

Dag Nygren dag at newtech.fi
Wed Nov 7 09:44:16 EST 2001


here is a working port for the VG4 PPC-board from SBS.

- The diffs are against an almost 1 week old linuxppc_2_4_devel from
BK, but there should be no big problemns there
- This port is using a new scheme for the openpic_init(), proposed
  by me some posts ago, but it was implemented in it's own
  copy of the open_pic code, open_pic2.c, and so it should be
  completely nonintrusive on the existing ports. Anyone doing
  a new port should IMH take a look at open_pic2 as it will
  make your work easier.
  It would of course be nice to get rid of the code duplication there
  is openpic <-> openpic2, preferrably by all ports beeing transferred
  to the new scheme.
- couldn't get the sym53c8xx driver in the BK kernel to work, so I
  downloaded a newer version, and this works fine. It is rather large
  so it is not included here, but if you need it, get it from it's homepage
  or send me a mail.


Dag Nygren                               email: dag at newtech.fi
Oy Espoon NewTech Ab                     phone: +358 9 8024910
Träsktorpet 3                              fax: +358 9 8024916
02360 ESBO                              Mobile: +358 400 426312

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