MPC860T in-circuit emulator?

Geoff Wyche GWyche at
Wed Nov 7 04:38:43 EST 2001

Hello All,

> AFAIK visionCLICK does not support the MMU - I  guess  it  just  gets
> mighty  confused with all these strange virtual addresses ;-) You may
> consider to get a BDI2000 instead...

What recommendations do you all have about what to use?

The choices I've heard of so far are Abatron's BDI2000 and EST's VisionICE

pros and cons of each? are there other tools you use?
I need it to talk to an MPC860T processor, but preferably, it should be
capable of talking to the MPC860T, 68360, and 68332.

WinNT software compatibility is a plus, but not required.

gwyche at

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