Choosing a Motorola CPU for linux

Geoff Wyche GWyche at
Tue Nov 6 09:18:28 EST 2001

Dan, Kevin, Wolfgang D., Ken,

Thanks for your replies -- We'll take them into account in choosing our
future CPUs.  It's really hard to get a straight answer out of anyone in the
engineering dept. here.  I think we're sticking with the 860T for now.


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> Geoff Wyche wrote:
> > ....Our current design uses a motorola MPC860T, but that seems to
> > be falling out of favor.
> What do you mean?  Does the part meet your product requirements?
> There are many more variations of the 8xx design to meet price or
> feature requirements, but it certainly isn't "falling out of favor."
> 	-- Dan

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