EPIC Vs OpenPIC Vs MontaVista

Andrew Johnson anj at aps.anl.gov
Sat Nov 3 03:03:23 EST 2001

Sarnath Kannan wrote:
>   The reason for assigning vector of 16 to PCI
> interrupts is because each entry in the "Interrupt Source" is 32 bytes long, 16 * 32 = 512 = 0x200
> which equals the difference in offsets between
> the std openPIC layout and EPIC register layout.
> This 16 has got NOTHING TO DO with NUM_8259_INTERRUPTS.
> But Mvista code seems to assume that this feature
> is because of NUM_8259_INTERRUPTS. ( See the
> #define for SANDPOINT_SIO_IRQ ).

... unless the register layout for the EPIC was designed to allow an
external i8259 to be inserted into the gap, which ISTR is done on some
boards.  I don't know for sure and I might be completely confused about
that, but there must have been some reason why the EPIC was designed like

Just throwing that idea into the pot...

- Andrew
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