EPIC Vs OpenPIC Vs MontaVista

Sarnath Kannan sparc64 at rediffmail.com
Sat Nov 3 02:25:50 EST 2001

> Hi,
> Funny you should write about this.!
> I am just trying to fix it in a reasonable way
> for my EPIC-board.

:-) Oh really ! Good. Since I am new to the group
I dint know its an existing bug ! but how can
one tolerate populating reserved areas ? That
sounds very dangerous to me !

> I would like to suggest a global variable ie.
> OpenPIC_RegOffset
> which would be inited to 0 and could be changed to
> 16 for a MPC107 (EPIC).
> This wouldn't (shouldn't) break anything existing
> and will enable the port of a EPIC-board to use
> all the generic openpic routines.
 Yeah there are plenty ways u could solve. The
best one is padding 0x200 bytes to the "OpenPIC"
structure before "Source" in case of CONFIG_SANDPOINT.
That should end the story !

> Even if I don't like touching "generic" code, I even
> more dislike code-duplication
> I could submit the patches, if your are interested,
> they are noe too big, and a review from the masses
> should do the code good.
 I think I can fix it myself. Thanks for the offer.
Good Luck !

Sarnath, the NATH ;-)

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