(allocating non-cachable memory) (or More on the i82596)

Justin (Gus) Hurwitz ghurwitz at dyndns.com
Fri Jun 29 19:16:16 EST 2001

On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, Paul White wrote:

> Justin,
> I was able to get Data cache disabled today, after playing around with it
> for a while.
> There were several things I had to do.  Now, I don't recall what CPU you
> are using, so I'll just tell you what I found with mine.
> First off, I'm using the 7410, which has 32 byte cache lines.  Note that the
> 8xx and such have 16 byte cache lines.  In my manual, under "Enabling
> and Disabling Data Cache", it states that the dcbz instruction will cause an
> alignment exception, and that all others are nop'd.  So the first thing I did,
> was search for dcbz throughout my code, and I found two files that had
> several matches:

I went through and made the same set of changes that you did- I am on a
603e, so I would expect the L1 cache behaviour to be about the same.
Indeed, the kernel does boot properly, up until id decompresses the
ramdisk. I am getting a crc error decompressing the ramdisk, however-
presumably because of a problem with the caches. I'd like to set the MMU
to caching inhibited to tighten up the processor's load and store
ordering. I think that I only need to set this in the pte entries- the
errors are only occuring after the MMU has been brought up. Irony of
ironies, I know how to do this with the BATs, but not in the PTEs. It
looks like there is a field in the PTE struct (in asm/mmu.h), but I can't
find where that structure is initialised. It looks like, from my
meandering through the kernel's memory management code that this might wee
be a good step towards allowing chunks of non cachable memory to be



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