Power on startup problem

Tjernlund tjernlund at telia.com
Fri Jun 29 08:52:44 EST 2001


My custom MPC860 board does not start at power on. All that
 happens is that the SW Watchdog resets the system after 5 seconds.

But if I connect my Abatron BDI2000 emulator with a stripped config file
that don't initialize any registers and type go at the telnet prompt
is OK.

I am running PPCboot from Intel flash. The board has a 5MHz clock source and
is multiplied to 25 MHz during powerup.

Another problem,possibly related, is that I am unable to run the CPU at
speeds than 40 MHz(and yes I run the bus at half CPU speed). According
to the emulator I get a external reset when I run at higher speeds.

Any pointers are most welcome :-)


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