Sandpoint 3 + MPC7450 + HHL2

Neil Wilson NWILSON at
Thu Jun 28 16:51:14 EST 2001

Got it working now....

Not sure if these fixes are just Sandpoint3 or MPC7450 or the combination,

1) The openpic_init call in sandpoint_init_IRQ needs the offset argument to
get the SIO int setup.

2) I also needed to add a enable of the TBEN in HID0 (bit 0x04000000) just
to get the kernel to think about booting at all - I put this in the
decompress_kernel function.

Do these sort of changes need pushing into the source tree ?, and if so
would anyone care to explain how a newcommer does this, thanks.


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> Neil Wilson wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I managed to get the JourneyMan 2 82XX booting up on my Sandpoint3
> MPC7450 -
> > after adding a enable for the TimeBase - however when a ramdisk is
> mounted
> > up I get very slow serial response, like several seconds to print a
> string,
> > does anyone have some ideas of what I could look at to resolve this, I
> have
> > an Abatron bdi etc but a lot of this is new to me so any help would be
> very
> > welcome. Thanks.
> I'll virtually guarantee you that its an interrupt-related problem.
> Either the
> routing is wrong or the IRQ isn't enabled or...
> Mark

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