invalid page faults..

Kevin Fry kevin at
Thu Jun 28 10:24:56 EST 2001

Maybe you guys have encountered a similar probelm to the one I'm having with
my custom 8260 board, HHL 2.0 journeyman, 2.4.2 kernel.

I got past the rtc/timer issue. Even though the kernel reports that the 166mhz
cpu is .81 bogomips, I'll mess with that later, I just want to get the shell
up and running for now. The kernel boots and initializes everything else well,
but when it starts loading init or sh, I keep getting invalid page faults
looping.  The ramdisk shows as mounting fine, (except it always says: Maximal
mount count reached, recommened ext2fsck.. i dont know why..)

What happens is that load_elf_interp() is called and then it calls
padzero(elf_bss) and the page faults start occuring.
when padzero is called elf_bss is in the 3Exxxxx range. Why would it be so
high in memory? I have the memory mapped to start at 0, and i've got 64 megs.

Kevin Fry

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