Serial Port problem with 823e on Embedded Planet

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Thu Jun 28 04:53:03 EST 2001

Dear Michael,

in message <E1836A7F3557D311A14000805F9F36FCD4E385 at> you wrote:
> > You could switch to use SCC's instead. We have a modified driver that
> > supports full HW handshake on all SCC's (and you  can  configure  the
> > number and size of I/O buffers to optimize for throughput).
> >
> 	[Pergola, Michael]  Is that  the patch commproc.c.patch.gz dated
> 	07/20/2000?

No, this was added only lately. I did not prepare a  patch  for  this
yet. See the source tree at ,
plus the patch at

Wolfgang Denk

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