Serial Port problem with 823e on Embedded Planet

Pergola, Michael MichaelPergola at
Thu Jun 28 03:50:17 EST 2001


I have an Embedded Planet with a LITE_DW Motorola 823 PPC using a HIOX
interface board. I am trying to debug a program sending out data from
ttyS1 and reading it back in on ttyS2. The latest patch has been applied
for the tty ports (kernel 2.2.14).

I want to be able to send any char over the serial link, so I've resorted to
using "raw" mode. The problem is that if an overrun occurs on the receive
side, there is nothing I can sense to indicate this situation. Has anyone
run into this problem and/or is there a solution to my dilemma?

     Michael Pergola
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