Setup for IBM 405GP board on HHL

Rajneesh Kumar rajneesh at
Wed Jun 27 11:33:01 EST 2001

Hi there,

I have stepped in the Linux world and now going to develop the device
driver for the IBM 405GP based board on Hard Hat Linux from
MontaVista. Now I am using the x86 based Red Hat Linux 6.2. I want to
know if someone can let me plan the setup for the development of the
device driver. I mean please let me know what development environment
I need and also what tools I need to have to streamline my
development. Also if someone can suggest me the up to the point
literature for the specific board and how to write the device driver
for the board.

Please help me as I have very little time with me and I dont have any
idea about the development environment. Shall I go in for the
Development Kit from Embedded Planets or the GNU cross compilation is
sufficient and finally how can I transfer the code to the board's

Please let me know as much as you can.

Thanks and regards

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