Andrew Johnson anj at
Tue Jun 26 01:47:12 EST 2001

I can't believe I'm the first person to want to run LinuxPPC on the
Motorola MVME2100 board, although there aren't many references to it in
the archives.  I have the HardHat Linux 2.0 Journeyman edition installed
for the 8240 CPU (we're thinking about buying the professional edition),
but I can see that the Motorola Sandpoint configuration (the nearest
target to the 2100) isn't going to work without some changes as there is
no SouthBridge on a 2100 (or else I really don't understand this
PPC/PCI/ISA architecture stuff yet, give me VME any day!).

While I'd like to hack together support for the 2100, it would seem a
waste if someone else has already done this - any offers?  Alternatively
any pointers to documentation on how to go about supporting a new board
would be welcome.


- Andrew
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