Yoo. Jonghoon yooth at ipone.co.kr
Mon Jun 25 16:42:50 EST 2001

>From my experience, it is required at least 3 things to
be changed If ppcboot works well from flash,
(1) TEXT_BASE to be located in RAM
(3) skip DRAM initializaion sequence in func. initdram(),
     except returning size of DRAM.

Good luck to you

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> Subject: RPXclassic PPCBOOT on RAM
> I am trying to have the PPCBOOT work on RPXclassic board. I've
> already port the 8xxROM this board already but I've failed with
> PPCBOOT. All configuration parameters are same with 8xxROM and my
> BDI2000 didn't get the flash information of RPXClassic (FLASH
> TYPE, CHIPSIZE, BUSWIDTH), therefore I really want to test the
> PPCBOOT on RAM space first to debug. In order to make srec file
> run on RAM space, I changed TEXT_BASE=0x00100000 parameter in
> config.mk. I think there woule be many efficient debugging
> techniques. I am currently using BDI2000, as I mentioned above,
> but I couldn't get the flash work. How can I debug the PPCBOOT
> efficiently in my current stage? Any comments would be appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.

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