Starting usb in RPXlite(mpx850) board

Yoo. Jonghoon yooth at
Mon Jun 25 10:08:59 EST 2001

I'm working on RPXlite(mpc850) board and need USB to work as soon as
possible. What is needed to do so? CPM microcode is the only issue?
Just a little hint would be enough to plan my work..

Thanks in advance.

> > uh, I believe so.  If I remember correctly, USB is only supported on the
> > 823 rpxlite DW.
> ...and, if I recall correctly, the CPM microcode patch to enable this
> was written for the Rev. B 823(e).  I know it won't work on a Rev. A 823
> part, and we never pursued making it work on an 850 due to lack of a
> board
> with USB.  It would also require the Rev. B 850 if there was any hope
> of it working there.

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