Starting usb in RPXlite(mpx850) board

Matthew Locke mlocke at
Sat Jun 23 14:30:19 EST 2001

Yoo. Jonghoon wrote:

> I'm using Montavista Hardhat linux 2.0(kernel 2.4.3) on
> RPXlite board(mpx850). It uses Brad's HCI driver
> (m8xxhci.c)
> At first, hci driver does not wanted to be initialized. I looked
> inside source codes and found that
> m8xxhci_start_controller returns error if partnum of cpu is
> not m823. So I skipped partnum checking routine and then
> hci drvier initialized. Is there any problem to do this ?

uh, I believe so.  If I remember correctly, USB is only supported on the
823 rpxlite DW.

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