How to use 802.2/LLC on MPC860 board ?

gguevel gguevel at
Sat Jun 23 02:57:04 EST 2001


I work on a MPC860 board with a FEC device. I use Montavista Linux 2.2.14
kernel on this board.

I want to use simultaneously IP and LLC layers on the same FEC device.

For LLC, I just have to send some unumbered frames and answer to TEST and
XID requests.

I looked at the code in net/802 directory and I found what I wanted.

But I don't known how a user application can talk to this LLC layer.

Do I use a socket ? What family, address and so on must I specify ?
Do I use send , sento, recv or recvfrom functions ?

Some help or any example will be welcome.

Thank you
Best regards

Gérard Guevel

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