Amit D Chaudhary amitc at
Sat Jul 28 05:53:14 EST 2001

Interesting, try the following,
Don't specify root= anywhere including kernel cmdline

in your initrd, ensure thet there is a symlink /linuxrc to /bin/sh(or


Andrew Dixon wrote:

> Amit D Chaudhary wrote:
>>Can you give the following details,
>>Are you trying to load it as initrd? Not I assume, else confirm that
> I am trying to load it as initrd.
> andrew.dixon at pig2:/usr/src/linux$ cat .config |grep
> And this is set up correctly in the kernel.  Just to make sure that my
> configuration was a workable solution I recompiled everything for an i86
> architecture and I tried it out on my laptop.  I put my compressed
> ramdisk image and kernel onto a floppy and used ldlinux.sys as a boot
> loader passing it the command:
> 	root=/dev/ram0 initrd=fs.gz
> and it works fine.  This prompted me to do a little searching through
> the ramdisk source (/usr/src/linux/drivers/block/rd.c) and I found that
> the ramdisk expects to find the ramdisk image on the floppy drive:
> 		&& MAJOR(real_root_dev) != FLOPPY_MAJOR
> #endif
> 	)
> 	  //ADD
> 	  //we don't want to return here because our real_root_dev is not the
> 	  //floppy but the disk or flash device.  Right?  Right!
> 	  //		return;
> It still doesn't work but I've got that feeling that I'm getting
> closer.  I'm going to make sure that the hard disk is detected before
> the ramdisk tries to load the image
> later,
> Andy
> P.S. Do people on the list like to be cc'd on responses or should I keep
> all mail to the list only?

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