usb function driver

Kári Davíðsson kd at
Fri Jul 27 23:42:32 EST 2001


I am playing around with the usb function driver from the old linux_2_5
source tree.
When ever I connect the device to a usb host I get a sequence of idle
and reset events.
As far as I can gather from the usb docs the host should respond with
USB device request
on the default control pipe (address 0 endpoint 0). The host now starts
by enumerating the
devices which ends with a unique (per bus I believe) number assigned to
the device. After that
the device is addressed with this unique number.

By monitoring the bus with o.scope I can see the sofs flowing for a
while after plugging in the
device. But none of the sofs are cought by the cpm, nor any usb device

The host is a dual cpu w2k machine with intel chipset.

I have gone over the initialisation and setup of the USB part of the cpm
couple of times and do not see anything strange compared to the mpc823e

I am using BRG4 for USB clock.

Any ideas?



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