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Tue Jul 17 19:09:34 EST 2001

On 16 Jul 2001 22:30:24 -0700, Brad Bonkoski <bradb59 at> writes:
>Does Linux _really_ do this?  Shouldn't it route at the host layer
>before the network layer?

I think it does look for host routes before matching network routes, but
there needs to be one in your routing table. I believe when you configure
the interface the driver installs the network route only. i.e. by default
they will clash.

>Like it I ping it should return
>the ping on that interface regardless of if another network device lives
>on this network!  Or, do I have to explicitly set up host routes in the
>routing table?

Yes, I believe you need to explicitly add them to the routing tables.

>I guess what is the point of having multiple interfaces
>on one board live on the same network, but even so, I would still think
>it should choose the host route before the network route.  Any thoughts
>on this?

You are correct, but you have to set it up manually. Or maybe it depends on
what net-tools package you use - the one I use doesn't add the host routes.

>This is a good idea, but I would like to keep it simple, as they say
>simplicity is the 'key' to High availability.

What could be more simple than removing all that really complicated IP
protocol overhead? :-) Cheers!
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