PCMCIA Nokia Cardphone 2.0 for MPC823

Nguyen Trung Thanh jari.nguyen at serialsystem.com.sg
Tue Jul 17 17:38:39 EST 2001

Hi Matthew Locke,
Thank you very much for your reply.

As you said, I moved to the newest version of Pcmcia Card Service which I
could find from ftp.mvista.com
Its version is 3.1.24.. I don't know it is good enough or not.

Of course, I changed something to avoid conflicts between 8xx serial driver
(uart.c) and serial.c.
I mapped the _IO_BASE 0x80000000, hardcode irq = 9.
Then it worked well with PCMCIA modem such as Xircom.

Now I could use this version with Nokia Cardphone2.0, but the result is the
I just wonder why this PCMCIA cardphone can run smoothly in a Sony VAIO
laptop using this version of linux kernel 2.2.14 and pcmcia-3.1.24, but when
I run it with my board, I must add some delay in function receive_chars in
file: serial.c.
Otherwise, I'd receive a lot of gabage charaters. For example:
I wrote a string "ATZ" , and then received:
instead of "ATZOK"???

Would you pls tell me what is the problem here?
I think that it is due to the timing of 16550A chip, is it right?
Or it is due to the serial speed?
If you have any idea about my problem, pls tell me...

Thanks for you kindness,

> Nguyen Trung Thanh wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Pls help me, I'm stuck with this card.
> > Now I used kernel Powerpc Hardhat 2.2.14,
> > and pcmcia-cs-3.1.21 in a custom board using
> > MPC823.
> You should consider moving to 3.1.26, many bugs have been fixed.
> >
> > I could dial up with this card, but it is not stable,
> > and I could not transfer data such as ftp....
> >
> > Furthermore, I must set the maximum value for
> > psst = 4, psht = 4, and psl = 20.
> > and add some delay between each time I read from serial port ( in
> > receive_chars from file serial.c).
> In general, there are conflicts between 8xx serial driver (uart.c) and
> serial.c.  They may be stepping on each other.
> >
> > Have anyone done it, before? Or you have any information about thi card
> > phone, pls give me.
> >
> > Does this card use 16550A, and follow the standard of this chip?
> > Is there any special thing about it spec, timing?
> >
> > Thanks very much,
> > Jari

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