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Tue Jul 17 14:22:21 EST 2001

On 16 Jul 2001 17:19:36 -0700, Brad Bonkoski <bradb59 at> writes:
>Essentailly, I have them all set up on the same
>network: 192.168.0.X.

Use different IP network numbers for each ethernet interface. e.g.

FCC1 - eth0 - 192.168.1.x
FCC2 - eth1 - 192.168.2.x
FCC3 - eth2 - 192.168.3.x

(assuming a netmask of If they all have the same IP *network*
number (i.e. the number is the same after applying the netmask), then Linux
will only use one of them. In other words, you can only have one route for
each subnet.

By the way, if you want Linux to forward packets between the interfaces, then
ensure you enable forwarding (echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward).

Also, you could by-pass all this IP stuff and do things at the ethernet level
(using a RAW socket?). Cheers!
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