mmu problems

Adam Wozniak adam.wozniak at
Tue Jul 17 01:58:01 EST 2001

Dan Malek wrote:
> Adam Wozniak wrote:
> > I suspect there's something about the MMU that's not being configured
> > properly, but I don't really know where to start.
> Everyone assumes there are bugs in things they don't understand.
> While there is always the possibility of something wrong, there are
> lots of 8260s running Linux without trouble.  The same MMU code is
> used on all 6xx platforms, which includes lots of Macs that have
> been running for years.
> I suspect you have a memory controller or other hardware design
> problem with your board.  I have worked with many hardware engineers
> debugging memory interface problems once Linux is running.  There
> just aren't any diagnostics that exercise a system like Linux does.
> The combination of cache, burst cycles, dma, and other simultaneous
> resource uses always show design/implementation bugs you have never
> seen before.  You are describing the classic symtoms some of us have
> seen many times before.

XXXXX wrote:
> Sounds like either a memory controller or bridge
> initialization problem. Have you run other software on
> your board? VxWorks? a simple ROM monitor?
> Have you written a loop with MSR_IR and MSR_DR off which
> simply walks through all of memory? Will it hang then?
> Sometimes, a memory controller which is misbehaving will
> corrupt memory, and then you may have some problems with
> bogus instructions being executed.

I'm more likely to suspect that it is something I've done.  The piece of
hardware I'm using normally runs VxWorks, and we have several in the
which have been running for some time with excellent performance

I do have a simple rom monitor (PPCBoot) running, and it seems to work

I'll try today to get more (and better) error dumps from it.

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