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There are two main procedure that you can follow:

A. static
(1) grab memory during boottime
(2) mmap memory to userspace
(3) implement your own memory allocator on top of the mmaped memory
-> physical to virtual mapping is straight forward (base/offset)

B. dynamic
(1) malloc memory at runtime
(2) use the kiovec stuff to lock pages and determine physical mapping
-> physical to virtual mapping comes at the expense of a system call, ...


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I want to make a HDLC driver based on the MPC860T target board

To use  SCC2  as hdlc , I was access immr area by following


 if((mem_hdlc = open("/dev/mem", O_RDWR)) < 0){

         perror("mem open error\n");

  mem_addr_hdlc = mmap(0,(64*1024),(PROT_READ|PROT_WRITE),MAP_SHARED,
mem_hdlc,0xFF000000 );

  if((int)mem_addr_hdlc < 0 ) {
   TRACE("mem_addr_hdlc mmap error\n");

   IMMR = (immap_t *) mem_addr_hdlc;

I used some rest area of dpmem except buffer descriptor area,

then , system was down.

 I want to a way of use some user spaec(memory)  for  Buffer ( receving
and transmitting data).

 how to memory access  " from virtual memory to physical memory and from
physical memory to virutal memory " ?

can you hlep me  with some example ???

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