ppc-linux EPIC (OpenPIC) and Interrupts on MPC8240

Neil Wilson NWILSON at Airspan.com
Tue Jul 10 17:34:10 EST 2001

If anyone has those patches are to hand I wouldn't mind them for my
Sandpoint X3 7450, thanks.


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> Subject:	Re: ppc-linux EPIC (OpenPIC) and Interrupts on MPC8240
> James F Dougherty wrote:
> > The board is essentially a Motorola Sandpoint design variant, so
> > I have started with the MontaVista Sandpoint port of linux-2.3.1
> What is linux-2.3.1?  Which version of the Sandpoint?
> If it is the old Sandpoint X2, and you are using the EPIC with
> discrete interrups (IRQ0 - IRQ4) the latest MontaVista HHL 2.0
> should be used (it should be used in any case).  The code in
> the public BK trees should also match this release.  If you are
> using a Sandpoint X3 with the serial mode interrupt EPIC, there
> are some patches I'll have to send you.
> 	-- Dan

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