405GP network receive problem

Marti, Felix fmarti at desanasystems.com
Thu Jul 5 06:31:54 EST 2001

Hmmm, I'm sorry if this is too obvious and you already checked it, but I
remember that our montavista kernel 2.4.0-test2 did not set the MAC address
correctly... which caused some packets to be dropped.


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> I am debugging a custom board design based on the 405GP and have a problem
> receiving lots of TCP/IP traffic (like FTP).  We're using a 2.4 kernel
> on Monta Vista's CDK 1.2.  UDP traffic (like TFTP) works very well, but it
> doesn't ever have back-to-back receives, typically.  The problem occurs
> at both 10mbit and 100Mbit.
> I have narrowed the problem down (using ttcp) to the following:
> During back-to-back receives (within microseconds) of two large (1500
> TCP packets, the second packet is usually dropped by the 405GP.  When I
> check ifconfig statistics, it shows the 1 lost packet, but also shows 2
> framing errors.
> Has anyone else seen this type of problem with the 405GP or does anyone
> know what the problem might be?
> Thanks,
> John
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> John Cagle <jcagle at kernel.org>

This can happen if the 405gp MAC is in full-duplex mode, but the other side
is in half-duplex.  The second packet could be corrupted by 405gp sending
TCP acknowledgments without listening for traffic first.

The function in the ppc405_enet driver determines half/full duplex is
ppc405_phy_duplex.  If reading PHY_BMCR does not give the correct duplex
setting, you can try the following.


static int
        int duplex = HALF;          /* Assume HALF */
        unsigned short anlpar = 0x0;

        if (ppc405_phy_read(PHY_ANLPAR,&anlpar)) {
                printk(KERN_ERR "phy duplex read failed \n\r");

        if ((anlpar & (PHY_ANLPAR_10FD | PHY_ANLPAR_TXFD)) != 0)
                duplex = FULL;

        return (duplex);

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