More flash for IBM 405GP Walnut?

Philip Decker pdecker at
Tue Jan 30 05:39:12 EST 2001

Unlike with Spruce and other trees, IBM hosed the PPC 405GP Walnut board by
only giving it 512 Kbytes of Flash.
Does anyone know of a source for a PCI Bus target board that contains linear
flash?  (i.e. not a card that emulates an IDE/ATA disk drive)

If there are none, and I or my employer developed a flash memory card that
plugged into the Walnut's 200-pin proprietary expansion connector, J36, how
many of you would want any?  If interested, email me:
- qty desired
- preferred flash memory width (8/16/32 bits), depth, and sector size (256
  bytes SST or 64 Kbytes everyone else)
- price sensitivity (my goal would be to amortize development, not get rich)

Philip Decker
Wave Wireless Networking
Sarasota, Florida, USA
Phone: (941) 358-9283 x405

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