Sandpoint 8240 or 7400

Roland Dreier roland at
Tue Jan 30 05:07:11 EST 2001

    Dan> Got all of those switches set correctly :-)?

Not sure... VxWorks boots fine, does anything need to change for Linux?

    Dan> Let me clean mine up a little (I'm actually doing 405 at the
    Dan> moment) and put it on a server someplace.  No promises, but
    Dan> it should be better than anything else right now.  The
    Dan> Sandpoint seems to always be one of those "background"
    Dan> projects that can't gain momentum.

That would be great.  Let me know when you get a chance to do that.

    >> ......  And (forgive the naive question) how do I build a
    >> kernel image that I can send to the Sandpoint via the serial
    >> port and start from DINK32?

    Dan> What version of DINK do you have?  I'll send you my little
    Dan> downloader as well if you wish.  The easiest way is I just
    Dan> blow the bits over the JTAG with my Abatron....

Actually I figured this out myself a little bit later and managed to
build my own kernel that hung in the same place.

    Dan> It's getting closer, but this Sandpoint stuff still isn't
    Dan> there.

Out of curiousity, what is different about the Sandpoint that requires
changes in the kernel?


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