Sandpoint 8240 or 7400

Roland Dreier roland at
Sat Jan 27 12:59:39 EST 2001

    Roland> Also, if I wanted to build my own kernel for a Sandpoint
    Roland> system, what source tree should I use?  And (forgive the
    Roland> naive question) how do I build a kernel image that I can
    Roland> send to the Sandpoint via the serial port and start from
    Roland> DINK32?  What are the prospects of being able to build a
    Roland> PPC kernel from Linus's tree?

Just to add a little info here... I managed to get 2.4.1-pre10 to
build for PPC and I got enough of a clue to boot zvmlinux.  However,
(at least on the 7400 board) that kernel also seems to stop in

I guess my question is still whether anyone has booted Linux on a
Sandpoint 7400.


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