8260 hdlc driver

Daris Nevil dnevil at snmc.com
Tue Jan 23 02:25:23 EST 2001


If you don't mind porting from the MPC850 to the PowerQuicc there is an
HDLC driver in QSLinux.  You can download it from ftp://qslinux.org.
Once you expand the filesystem you go to snmc/qslinux/drivers/net.  BTW,
if you do undertake to port the driver I would be interested in getting a
copy, as we are in the process of building a PowerQuicc eval board.

Daris Nevil

Ralph Blach wrote:

> Is there an HDLC driver for the motorola power quick module anyplace?
> This would be the HDLC thats in the
> CPM.
> Thanks
> Chip
> rcblach at raleigh.ibm.com

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