Ethernet controller

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I don't think RTL8139 is a good choice because it's bad performance and it's hard to use.
In rtl8139, the data must copy from chip's fifo to your sk_buf.
In the driver of rtl8139 for linux, can can find the driver reset the chip in transmit function,
because of the bug of this chip.
When I flood ping the rtl8139 from a linux host, I find I must reset the chip every several minutes.


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> I am designing an embedded PPC8240 board with an ethernet interface. I am down to 2 choices: i82559 and RTL8139
> I prefer to avoid the BGA package of the i82559, but the RTL8139 driver support is listed as having "limited PowerPC testing". I am also curious about their relative performance.
> Can anyone speak to this?
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