Hello World and 405GP with my gcc cross compiling.

Grant Erickson erick205 at umn.edu
Thu Jan 18 09:41:39 EST 2001

On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Hua Ji wrote:
> My current position is:
> I have no problem for creating the object file, say, HelloWorld.o by
> using my gcc for powerpc-elf under a solaris.
> And then I moved the object file from solaris to a PC and used the IBM
> High c/C++ linker to link my Helloworld.o with the sample "usr_samp"
> codes provided by IBM 405GP reference kit. It works fine after being
> loaded with the tftp... In other words, it is running on my 405GP
> reference board and print out my inserted "hello world..."!

I never had much luck linking GCC generated objects with IBM's High C/C++
linker and libraries.

I think your effort would be better invested if you grabbed the Hard Hard
Linux kernel for the 405GP from MontaVista and set-up an associated NFS
root disk and attempted your development from there.

If you follow the instructions at:


The applications you create will run with Monta Vista's kernel and NFS
root file system.

> So, my conclusion is: my gcc for powerpc-elf works, at least for
> creating object file part.
> Now, why I can't direct creat the executable file but get the above
> compain? Looks like it can't find correct libc codes, for example, the
> __start and printf symbol and so on.
> What my environment is: I used newlib to creat my libc.a. However, I
> am not sure if my native gcc use gnulic or newlib. does this matter?
> Any clue, folks,

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