8260 Development tools

Dan Malek dan at mvista.com
Thu Jan 18 05:50:29 EST 2001

Jay Monkman wrote:

> Is there a better eval board than EST's SBC8260?

Check out Cogent Computer systems (www.cogcomp.com).

> I may end up with an EST VisionICE II debugger. Has anyone used it
>         with GDB? Or use the software that comes with it for debugging?

You won't  be happy with it for Linux.

>         Would Abatron's BDI-2000 be better?

Absolutely.  It is Linux-aware and works very well.

> Is 2MB FLASH and 8 MB RAM still the recommended minimum?

Probably.  If you can find that little memory any more.  Most
82xx have at least 16 MB RAM, typical is 64 MB.

> Are there any gotcha's I should watch out for?

Lots, I suppose, depending upon your experience with either
8260 or Linux.

	-- Dan

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