linux kernel patch for Motorola FADS

Shuangjun Zhu r44089 at
Tue Jan 16 14:45:17 EST 2001

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From: Kirk Lee <mpc at>

Dear All:

  I am looking for linux working under Motorola FADS.

  I saw that soliutions4linux does provide linux-2.2.13 for Motorola FADS.
  However, I am wondering that whether the lastest linux-2.4.0 works
  under Motorola FADS or not.

  If the answer is yes, do we need additional patches against linux-2.4.0
  to make a working kernel image for Motorola FADS, and where to get it??

  Besides, is there any document describing how to build gcc cross-compile
  environment for MPCxxx series CPU??

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